Sunday, February 8, 2009

NZ Day 5: Kiwis

"These are kiwis. They are not ripe yet, but it looks as if it will be a good turn out this year. They will be ready for harvest by May." Right behind our home for the next two days, in Motueka, there is a kiwi plantation. The lady who showed us the room also added some interesting tibits on the local produce.

So, the kiwis are ripe in May. This begs the question, where do the kiwis come from, we eat all year long. It seems that they can be kept in cold storage for some time, but I guess there are limits. Also there is only one harvest a year. So as we went to the local store, to shop for dinner I kept an eye out for the origin of the kiwis on offer ...

Tomorrow we are going to have our Abel Tasman experience. After talking to the local experts, Regula has become convinced that the boat is the only effective way how we can explorer the park. The tour operators assured us that the boat is very stable and that the weather tomorrow will be excellent. Sweet hopes.

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