Sunday, February 15, 2009

NZ Day 12: Not Queenstown

You should just skip Queenstown. Or at least this is what we were told by friends and a guide book. Go to Wanaka instead!

In Wanaka we visited Puzzling World and did a 15 minute walk along the lake shore, sat in café for a bit, went to all the shops and bought some presents for home. I even got a replacement for my cameras compact flash card that had gone mysteriously missing yesterday evening.

I bet Queenstown would have been much better suited for our little outing, since it must have many more shops and a wider selection of nice cafés. Not quite sure why we were told to skip it, but being obedient little holiday soldiers, we wouldn't dream of doing things the one just does not do. And puzzling world definitely is cool.

If you ever end up in Wanaka, try booking the "Riverside Apartment". Some people with a rather large house, a little out of town, have built this neat two room apartment into their huge garage. All very stylish, well equipped and very clean.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not Queenstown??? I wonder what's the reason for such a recommendation...

At least I spent the greatest time of my trip in Queenstown. As a consequence I even hostnamed my laptop after it...

I've just developed a conspiracy theory: This has to do with traffic engineering. The originator, a Queenstowner, wants to keep as many folks as possible out of Queenstown, so that there's more space for himself... :-)

Enjoy your trip!

So long,



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