Friday, February 20, 2009

NZ Day 17: Things going Whirr

I bet it does not always rain in the Catlins, but for us it did most of the time. The dark clouds do add a certain dramatic touch to it all. A lighthouse out on a windswept cliff does sort of make sense. Also these big stone balls in Moeraki are much more fun with a little rain and much less crowded as well.

Apart from mother natures wonders, we also spent some quality time in the Lost Gypsy Gallery today. In the tiny village of Papatowai there is this guy who runs a unique gallery. He builds all sorts of machines and gadgets out of 'old stuff'. Most things go 'whirrr' when you press a button or turn a handle. Some are for sale and some are just to look at and go 'wow'.

The most ingenious creations have found entry in the exhibition area at the back of the gallery where you pay 5$ entry fee. The exhibition is built into three huge water tanks. There is for example an old electric piano, where most of the keys have lost all their black/white coating but for each one a separate little machine goes off and makes a unique sound. My favorite item was a guy riding his bike on a tightrope.

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