Thursday, February 5, 2009

NZ Day 2: Eating by Numbers

Today we sat in three different pubs until we figured out how the ordering process works around here.

In the morning we had picked up our car and drove from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs. It took us a little under two hours to get there, so when we arrived at the thermal pools to do some splashing around in the hot water there were only very few people, which made it a very nice experience. The people who run the pools seem to be very concerned about the welfare of their customers. There were a bunch of life guards paying close attention to the patrons, making sure that drowned or even held his ears below water level for more than 1-2 seconds.

All the splashing in the hot pools made us hungry. We sat down at one of the local pubs and expected the waiter to show up and ask for our wishes. Nothing happened.
When the waiter still had not shown up after about 10 minutes, we left and went to another place ... but the same thing happened there, no waiter. At the third place we finally figured it out. There are no waiters who take an order, one rather has to go inside, order and pay over the counter. Then they hand you a large number on a stick which you place onto your table. When the finish preparing the food, they bring it to the table. Works very well and efficient, once we had figured it out.

Tonight we stay at the Hamner View Bed and Breakfast. Probably the most beautiful place in all of Hamner. It is at the edge of the city, on the slope of Conical Hill. It has a great view into the nearby mountains.

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