Monday, February 23, 2009

NZ Day 20: It's One World

When we went shopping in New Zealand for the first time, we were quite quick in picking up the essential bits of food. The only part where we lingered was the chocolate department. Cadbury, Nestle, some Lindt and lots of Mars candy. We were longing for something familiar but we did not have it in us to go for Lindt. Swiss buying Swiss chocolate on their second day in New Zealand was just too much. So we ended up with a package of mini Milky Way bars and a bag of Maltesers. But when I tasted the Maltesers they did only almost taste like our Maltesers back home. The same problem with the Milky Way bars. The package revealed that the candy was produced in Australia. I guess tiny variations in the quality and origin of the ingredients were causing the taste differences. A New Zealander in Switzerland would probably experience the same but downside up. If I was ever to emigrate from Switzerland, I would use my visits back home to stock up on "Swiss Taste" Maltesers and Milky Way bars.

Today we arrived in Christchurch to use our last two days to explore the city and take a look at the Banks peninsula. I felt as if I was in the US when I saw that a Westfield Mall was located right next to our motel. It seems the US is having quite an influence on the retail business in New Zealand. Next to the Westfield mall was even a Borders book store. Inside it looked exactly like the US version. Except for some displays where it said New Zealand Books on top. I wonder if for an American the New Zealand Borders would also have that same effect the Australian Milky Way bar had on me. Maybe there is that tiny detail they did not get right. I did not spot it. The design guides of Borders are probably more thorough than the ones of Mars Inc.

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