Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NZ Day 22: Das Ektische

When I first read about Akaroa, a town at the bottom of an old crater, I imagined something much more dramatic than what I saw today. Akaroa is on the Banks peninsula right next to Christchurch. The Banks peninsula was formed by two volcanoes about ten million years ago. Erosion was hard at work on both mountains, they used to be an 1500 meters high now the highest elevations is about 1000 meters, but still pretty impressive.

We spent the entire day driving out to Akaroa and back to Christchurch along the summit road. Not a very eventful day but the views were incredible. The weather was a mix of clouds and sunshine which turned the green landscape into mystic collage of bright light and dark shadows. With such weather conditions there is not all that much CGI necessary to create Lord of the Rings like sceneries. A wonderful conclusion to our stay on the South Island. Tomorrow we will fly back to Switzerland. Bye Bye New Zealand.

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