Thursday, February 12, 2009

NZ Day 9: Rain God

Do you know Rob McKenna, the Rain God from one of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker Books? I was reminded of him as we made our way towards Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier along one of the most beautiful stretches New Zealand Highway. We didn't see much of it, since the clouds were pretty low and all the landscape seemed to have lost quite a bit of color.

This was our first rain-day since we came to the south island, so I guess we are lucky, but still, I have not taken it well. Today all these sand fly stings were itching like hell. I collected a fair number of them before I figured out that there is not only the initial bite but also a rather bad after effect. In the meantime I have a few insect repellents. I am also wearing long sleeves and when I am near water, I tuck my trousers into my socks. So far it is working and I have not collected more bites after the initial salvo.

All our thoughts were so concentrated on the rain and the itching and how bad it is, that we missed out on the rebuilt gold diggers village outside Greymouth as well as the Kiwi station a little further along the way. We have to work on that, otherwise we will suddenly end up back in Christchurch without having seen anything.

In the evening, the clouds disappeared and there was a beautiful sunset and dinner outside, so our hopes are up for tomorrow.

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