Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pictured Art

We spent the day in Madeiras Capital City, Funchal. I was following my usual holiday objective of taking beautiful pictures. And as usual I had a hard time doing this in a city. I have this inhibition of taking pictures of things other people have created. Can a picture of a beautiful building be beautiful in its own right, or is it just the buildings beauty that shows through in the picture, except that it probably not expresses what the artist wanted it to express? That is why most of my pictures end up being of humans or natural phenomena. (Maybe it is just some special variant of NIH, I'll ponder on this.)

Anyhow today there was no nature to be had except in the towns market hall. There I snapped some of the beautifully arranged fruit displays. I was fascinated by the attention the vendors paid to their merchandise. Constantly moving some individual fruits around on their tables, bringing them into even better positions. The staff of our supermarkets in Olten should spend some time here for inspiration.

Later as we walked through the Jardim Municipal where I tried to tackle my issues head-on by photographing a marble statue in a pond. My gut feeling is that taking pictures of statues is close to going to a portrait gallery and taking pictures of the portraits. I took my time with the statue and in the end I was actually quite pleased with the result. It is a bit more than just the statue I think.

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